Terms & Conditions

By visiting my website or engaging in any of my services you are agreeing to the terms of my services which are subject to change anytime at my own discretion.

Services & Deliverables

1. I do not provide any services for Logo Design, Graphic Design such as print design or art direction. I only provide services that are listed in the Contact page unless specified by me.

2. All of my services are design based. I do not offer coding, programming or web development services other than Webflow.

3. I do not accept any project that is related to NFTs.

Commitments & Communication

1. I do not work more than 40 hours per week. Only if necessary will I work beyond my quota at my own discretion or if explicitly specified.

2. I aim to respond to any emails and messages the same day or within a day, this does not include weekends or holidays.

3. I have the right to refuse any request if it does not meet my terms.

4. All services and work specifications will be agreed upon before any work starts. Once work begins any additional work requests or features introduced will be billed in addition to the agreed price.

Ownership & Copyright

1.Unless it is agreed upon or stated in writing, I retain full ownership and copyrights to my work and have the right to display them pubicly.

2.I have the right to ask you to delete or destroy any unfinished project or project assets that were provided to you by myself at my own discretion.

Payments & Late Fees

1. All pricing, costs and quotes are estimates and are subject to change at any time.

2. Every new project requires a minimum deposit of 25% or the negotiated amount with proof of payment for any service paid for.

3. All payment invoices must be paid within 30 days of issue. If an invoice is overdue I have the right to withhold any work materials or services and include additional fees until the invoice is paid in full.