My Services

Websites & Micro-sites

Bespoke designs for websites, marketing or micro-product pages. I combine beautiful visual style with unique design problem solving to ensure your site has maximum impact on the user.

UI/UX Design

Complete UI/UX design from concept to finish product for every medium including web and mobile applications for both small business and enterprise at scale. I use design processes crafted over years to deliver beautiful yet functional user experiences.

Webflow Sites

Fully built interactive, functional websites built in a matter of weeks, with optional features such as a powerful CMS and E-commerce capabilities. Fully designed and built with complete control over your brands image.

Webflow to Shopify

Fully designed bespoke websites built using Webflow and configured to be used for Shopify as a native theme and take advantage of the powerful ecommerce features for your online store.

UX Design Philosophies

The user is fundamental

Every design choice affects the user, they are always at the heart of any design. Building around them ensures the experience is impactful and human.

Everything with intention

I always plan ahead on every project to ensure that no time is wasted and I'm only working on what needs to be done.

You don't have to choose

Form and function doesn't have to be a choice. When designing with function at the core, form can follow.

Less is more

Designing for just the essential elements leads to a better overall look and feel.

Strike while the iron is hot

Ideas and inspiration often hit unexpectedly, getting your ideas down early allow you to stay on course.

Obsession isn't perfection

There's a fine-line between wanting the best  result and obsessing over details and never finishing. My goal is to strive for perfection, not chase it.

Design around your needs.

Get a breakdown on my design services in one place, please note all prices serve as guidelines and are subject to change.

Contact me to discuss your project as pricing varies based on project needs.

Small Business/Agency Project

£1,500 - £3,500
Perfect for a small app ui/ux project or websites and various designs including micro-sites, landing pages and other marketing pages.
Up to 6 pages/screens
21 Days Delivery Time
2 Minor Design Revisions
2 Major Design Revisions
Extras Optional:
Blog + 10%
E-commerce Store +20%

Mid-sized Project

£4,000 - £6,500
Perfect for a small to medium sized web or mobile app ui/ux, website or other design service
Up to 12 pages/screens
30 Days Delivery Time
4 Minor Design Revisions
2 Major Design Revisions
CMS for Blogging Included
Extras Optional:
E-commerce Store +5%

Full Design Service or Product Launch

£8,000 - £10,000
A complete web or mobile app ui/ux, website or product launch from start to finish.
Complete App, Website or Product Launch
1-3 Month Delivery Time
Revisions until completion
40 Hour Weekly Cap


What Design services do you offer?

I offer design services such as Web Design for websites, micro/landing sites and marketing pages, Web/Mobile App designs (UI/UX) and digital product design. I do not offer branding/logo design or graphic design services.

What are the differences between UI and UX Design?

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are different in the role they play within a design. UI focuses on the visual aspects of design and how things look such as the colour and shape of a button or the font used.

UX on the other-hand focuses on the "feel", how something is to use and how the user interacts and navigates a website or app etc. Which is way both UI/UX design practices are combined to ensure a solid foundation is paired with a good user experience.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a modern web-based site designer that allows designers with little or no code experience to build modern, fast sites with complete control over all design aspects to create fully bespoke websites for businesses that can control, edit and update the site with ease. If you need a website built by me, Webflow is the answer.

What does Webflow only mean?

If you already have a website design ready and just need help creating or updating Webflow site. This is exclusive to Webflow and does not include custom build websites or other services such as Squarespace or Wix.

What counts as a minor and major revision?

Minor revisions often include small iterations or changes to the design that may typically take up to a few hours or less to complete that don't change the overall design.

A major revision is anything that requires large changes to a design or design(s) of a given project usually resulting in big overhauls of styles and systems that typically take more than several hours to several days to complete.

As no two projects are the same these can vary, so I will discuss them with you ahead of time so that you have a clear understanding of what to expect from me.

How does payment work?

All new projects require that you pay a deposit which will be a % of the total bill that will be agreed upon before the start of a project. You can find out more by reading my simple terms.

My primary method of payment is via bank transfer due to low-fees. If a bank transfer is not possible for your bank I also accept payments via PayPal or Stripe. Additional fees will be included in the bill if a service with higher-fees such as PayPal is needed.